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Pacific Brewers Cup Timeline – 2017

Starting NOW!
Brew, Brew, Brew!


July 1st Judge and Steward Registration opens
Thanks to Tad’s work, the judge and steward registration page is up and running.  You can sign up now!  We are looking to have 60 judges and 30 stewards, so we need a full court press.  Signing up now will let us know if we need to run preliminary judging sessions.

August 1st Entry Registration opens.
We’ll have the registration page up and running by August 1st.    No, you can’t drop off your bottles yet, but you can at least give us a heads up on what you are going to enter.  I know a lot of you like to wait until the last minute to register, but our life will be easier if we have an advance headcount.  You can always go back and change your entries or register more beers if you are uncertain.

September 1st
This is the earliest date to drop off your entries.   Realistically, though, you can hold off on this one.

September 15th
Entry Deadline!!
  Both for on-line registration and entry drop-off.   The full list of sites you can drop off entries can be found here.

September 16th
Organizing pick-up and Call for Coolers!
  We need a couple of volunteers to go pick up some of the beers.  And we need to borrow just about every ice chest this club can come up with.  Bring them over to Los Angeles Ale Works.

September 17th – Entry organizing
We will be sorting out all the entries at Los Angeles Ale Works Sunday morning. Entrant labels get removed and entry numbers are assigned.   All bottles are sorted by Category and then will be stored at LAAW.

September 18-27 Preliminary Judging Sessions
Exact dates TBD.  Depending on how may entries we get and how many judges have signed up, we will do some prelim rounds.

Friday, September 29th
Beer moving Day.
  We need a handful of guys with strong backs and couple of folks with trucks to help move the beer from LAAW over to St. Bede’s Episcopal Church.

September 30th, 9:00 AM
Judging Day!
  We need everybody out to help out on this one.   I want to see at least 60 judges and 30 stewards.  We’ll need help with serving lunch, and then doing a full afternoon session.  Afterwards, we need help at the end of the day to make sure we pick it all up and leave the Church clean.

Date TBD
Cooler pick-up day.
  Come pick up your cooler, which will most likely have a present of several bottles of competition quality beer!

Date TBD
Best of Show Judging.
    Time and locations TBD, so check back for updates.

Date TBD
Awards Ceremony.  Check back for details!